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On this page, you will find a list of helpful resources to assist you with your behavior management needs. This list is not comprehensive by any means, so if you have any evidence-based favorites that are not listed, please

reach out to us and let us know!

Keep in mind that this page is continually updated with new resources, as they become available, so they layout may change from time to time.

How to Use

Resources are organized into the following categories

(subcategories are italicized):



Note: Because many strategies can be used to address multiple concerns, how they are categorized is not reflective of their sole utility (e.g., some Tier 1 strategies are appropriate for use at Tier 2). You can find specific strategy usage information within the resources, themselves. We attempted to organize the resources in a way that most teachers would find helpful. Simply click on the category of interest below to easily skip down to each topic, or scroll through the entire list of categories and their respective resources.

Selecting Interventions
Strategies By Function
Tier 1 Strategies
Tier2 Strategies
Tier 3 Strategies
Intervention Materials
Mental Health Resources
special education

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Special Education
Cultural Responsiveness

self-paced trainings

Portland State University

For those of you interested in more in-depth training on behavior, function-based assessment, and/or intervention development, Portland State University offers FREE online courses. While the content is focused on the complete FBA process, many of the modules are still applicable to those wishing to obtain more knowledge about the general, problem-solving process. In addition to audio content, these courses include downloadable resources pertaining to each area. Again, because these are meant for the educator looking for more in-depth training, you are not allowed to "skip though" the content. However, its most notable feature is the ability to stop the module at any point, and return to where you left off, with ease. Two that might be of interest to the general and special educator are Function-Based Intervention Development and Behavior Intervention Strategies.

Self-Paced Trainings

relevant articles

Changing Your Expectations About Challenging Students


training resources

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Training Resources
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