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About the Cafe

Have you ever encountered challenging student behavior?

Have you ever had that one student who you had no idea how to help?


If you answered yes to either of those questions, you are in the right place. These experiences are a lot more common than you think!


While managing problem behavior can be tricky, finding the right strategies to use does not have to be!  Because the issue of challenging student behavior has existed for many years, a plethora of quality resources are available to help educators address these very concerns.

Our goal at The Behavior Cafe, is to help make these resources more accessible to teachers and more palatable for everyday use.


A Former Teacher with a Vision

     The Behavior Cafe was designed for the purpose of streamlining evidence-based resources that reduce problem behavior, providing teachers with quick and easy access to reliable strategies to implement in the classroom. Developed by Christa Copeland, a previous educator, TBC focuses on increasing teacher knowledge and confidence in behavior management by addressing common barriers associated with current online and print resources.


On TBC, you can expect:

  • Some of the best evidence-based resources to address specific behaviors

  • Tips for successfully navigating helpful websites to access behavior-related resources

  • The ability to work at your own pace, addressing your management needs on your own time

  • A user-friendly experience, reducing the stress associated with complicated website navigation

  • Content written in easy to understand language, helping to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and classroom implementation

  • Frequently updated content to reflect the most accurate and relevant information

Additionally, the Behavior Cafe offers teachers the ability to request specific content to be published on the site, to further match resources with ongoing needs.


We hope that you will enjoy your visit with us and want to come back!

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About the Cafe

Please Note

This is a beta-version of this website. As such, the information provided on The Behavior Cafe is not all-inclusive. While we are working to provide you with a wide-variety of information and resources, there is much more content that is being added to the completed site. We value your input! If you have recommendations for content and/or resources, please let us know. Additionally should you encounter any glitches or lack of functionality with the site, please contact us immediately. Your help is greatly appreciated!


The information provided throughout the site is to be used for consultative purposes only. The strategies and resources provided, while evidence-based, are not meant to replace the team-based problem solving process, but rather enhance teacher knowledge and understanding of the process.

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Behavior 101

Learn the basic principles of human behavior. 

Be a Problem-Solver

Learn how to use a simple framework to develop effective behavior interventions.


Learn more about evidence-based strategies for reducing problem behavior.

Resource Kit

Find some of the best resources for your behavior management needs.

Meet The Team

Meet the Team
Christa Copeland 2018HR.jpg

Christa Copeland, Ph.D

About Me

Jenna Strawhun, Ph.D.

Christa Copeland 2018HR.jpg

Christa Copeland, Ph.D.


Dr. Christa Copeland is a Research Fellow at the Missouri Prevention Science Institute at the University of Missouri. Her interests include capacity building in teachers and school administration to effectively meet the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students, especially those traditionally underserved in education. Dr. Copeland has received accolades from the American Psychological Association and Society for the Study of School Psychology for her innovative work, including the development of an web-based behavior consultation intervention for teachers. She attributes her prior classroom experience and training in educational leadership to the success of her efforts, as they have given her a unique perspective on the needs of students, families and schools. In her free time, Dr. Copeland enjoys challenging others with anti-racist ideologies through her small business, spending time with her family in Columbia, and visiting her hometown of St. Louis.

About Christa
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